Benefits of having a Dental HMO  

Benefits of having a Dental HMO

Regular annual checkups are one of the most important things one should do in this day and age. Corporations and small businesses in the Philippines now provide HMOs to their employees. What do you think exactly is an HMO, and how does it work?

What does HMO mean?

A health maintenance organization (HMO) is an insurance structure that provides coverage by specific doctors.  If you are seeking medical attention, the staff would first ask If you have health insurance. If you have one, you need to tell the medical staff the name of the insurance, and they will check their system to see if their clinic is affiliated with that insurance. 

What is Dental HMO? 

Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) provides lower-cost coverage focusing on preventive care. DHMO plans encourage regular dental visits and check-ups while minimizing spending. Any out-of-pocket costs are clearly defined, and most DHMO plans do not have exclusions for pre-existing conditions or missing teeth. 

What are the coverages in my Dental HMO?

In the Philippines, health insurance companies do not cover most dental treatments. Essential treatments like consult, one or two cleanings a year, and at least two fillings are provided. It is just considered an added benefit to your medical insurance. A dental health maintenance organization DHMO, contracts with several dental practitioners who offer dental treatments to insured members at fixed rates. These dental practitioners work collaboratively as a network to provide dental services. However, a dental HMO does not reimburse if the insured member sees a dentist outside their network.  

Do I need to Pay Anything?

The total cost of your procedures will be deducted from the insurance. Sometimes you need to pay a minimal fee because your insurance does not cover procedures like a root canal, wisdom tooth surgery, and cosmetic treatment. But if your premium or total allocation is covered, you don’t need to pay anything.  Your treatment will be covered if you stay within that network of doctors. 

Here at BrightSmile Avenue, we understand the importance of oral health and how it can affect a person’s overall well-being.  This is why we have become affiliated with several HMO insurance providers to provide all those in need with a healthy smile.  If you need dental services? Call us at  +63 920 948 3561  to schedule an appointment and let us know your HMO provider. You may also email us at if you have more questions.  

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