Clear aligners: effective, invisible and removable

Patients seeking a straighter smile have more options now, thanks to breakthroughs in orthodontics. 

Clear aligners are an effective, invisible and removable alternative to braces. 

Just like traditional braces, they are designed to straighten teeth by moving them a little at a time. The result will be a better smile and a healthier bite. But unlike braces that require the uses of brackets and wires, clear aligners offer a smoother experience. Clear tray aligners are made of flexible plastic that can shift the patient’s teeth into the right position. They are custom-made for each patient. 


And while braces are permanently attached to the teeth during the entire orthodontic process, clear aligners are removable. You can take them out when you eat, brush and floss your teeth. They do not have to be worn 24/7 although, for maximum effect, they should be worn at least 20 to 22 hours each day. 


They are also hardly visible, which is why people also refer to them as “invisible braces.” Patients who feel self-conscious about having braces on their teeth often opt for clear aligners. They’re a discreet way to get the smile you want. Because they’re barely visible, more and more adults are deciding to go for this treatment. 


Clear aligners are highly effective orthodontic devices. They can take 6 to 18 months to straighten your teeth, depending on the patient’s case. More complex dental issues may require conventional braces—but your orthodontist will tell you if that’s the case. 

Your treatment will begin with an assessment and diagnosis by your orthodontist. X-rays, photographs and impressions of your teeth will be taken and used to create a digital 3D representation. This will be used as the basis for the creation of the series of aligners. They will be made just for you, to meet the specifications of your teeth and the adjustment that will happen over your treatment period. It is through the aligners (and your discipline in wearing them) that your orthodontist will be designing your new and improved smile slowly, guiding each tooth into the correct positions. It’s a beautiful marriage of science, art and technology.

Having straighter teeth doesn’t just improve one’s smile, it can also improve one’s oral health, making all surfaces of the teeth easier to clean. 

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