Cost of veneers in Philippines 2021

What are veneers?


Veneers are thin jackets or shells that cover the front surface of teeth, mainly the anterior teeth. These are custom-made and are designed delicately to match the natural color of the surrounding teeth. Veneers greatly fix minor to major problems including but not limited to a chipped tooth, the spacing between teeth, small teeth, and minor orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth.  


Why Porcelain Veneers?


Generally, two types of material are used to design and make veneers: porcelain and composite resin. The composite material is less aesthetic in nature while porcelain possesses great light reflecting and stain-resistant properties, as compared to other veneer materials, hence it qualifies for the choice of material by patients and dentists. Due to these factors, porcelain veneers are a little expensive than composite ones.


Cost of veneers in Philippines 2021


We are in no doubt that Aesthetic Dental Treatment especially Porcelain Veneers do wonder for all the patients. It changes the entire aesthetics of the patients and provides great functionality. Regardless of its best results, one thing that bothers the patient while choosing Porcelain Veneers is the cost. Here the rates for Porcelain Veneers in 2021 in Philippines are still in the range of affordability and cost much lower as compared to other countries.


The cost for a single porcelain veneer (per tooth) is between $370 to $430. Moreover, if we convert this to Philippines Peso it goes up to somewhere around P 18000 to P 21000. If you compare this to other countries such as Australia, UK, and the USA, you may have to pay double and even triple this amount just for a single tooth. The final cost for Porcelain Veneer per tooth may vary from clinic to clinic and depends on each patient’s case.


We provide patient-centered porcelain veneers after following a thorough clinical and radio graphical assessment. Patient’s needs and requirements are our top priority. A practical and realistic treatment plan is made, which is being followed throughout the course of treatment.    


Our dentists at BrightSmile Avenue and throughout our branches including BGC, Banawe, and Makati, provide quality services to improve and enhance your aesthetics by providing dental veneer treatment at reasonable costs for you. We facilitate many international patients as well, as our cost of treatment is relatively low but of high quality. We guarantee to give you an aesthetically pleasing smile (Hollywood Smile) that you have always been aiming for.    

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