Dental Anxiety & COVID-19: How To Safely Visit The Dentist

Dental Anxiety & COVID-19: How To Safely Visit The Dentist

Dental anxiety is one of the main reasons people avoid a trip to the dentist. The COVID-19 pandemic has not made this any easier for those with existing dental phobias. On top of concerns regarding being in a dental clinic, anxious patients now feel the need to worry about contracting the virus during their visit.

We’re here to tell you this isn’t the case!

If you already suffer from dentistry-related anxiety and are unsure about COVID-19 during your visit, here are some steps you can take to safely visit the dentist:

Call ahead and let the dentist know your concerns

It’s always advised that anxious patients let their dental team know about their anxiety — even before the pandemic. This lets the dentist and their support staff know to take steps and provide tools to help make your appointment as stress-free as possible.

If you tell the dentist you’re particularly worried about COVID-19, they can also let you know about the protective measures they may be taken. We’ve written in the past about all the ways dentists have adapted to the changing world of the pandemic to ensure patient safety. From new cleaning processes to patient procedures, dentists have been at the forefront of adapting to the New Normal.

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Wait in your car

Rather than wait in the waiting area of your dental clinic, ask if you can wait in your car. Many dentists have already enacted this as a social distancing protocol, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Wear a mask

Disposable surgical masks can help lower transmission of the virus, but they work better protecting other people from you. A disposable N95 mask, on the other hand, filters out incoming air offering you protection from the environment. If you’re particularly concerned, wear an N95 mask to and from your appointment.



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