Dental care for kids with braces

It’s very important for kids to take good care of their teeth when they have braces. They need to work extra hard at keeping their teeth clean because it’s easy to get food stuck in their braces. Here are things you need to know about dental care for kids with braces.

Brushing teeth with braces

It’s a must for them to brush their teeth after meals. They need to use a fluoride toothpaste with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Their toothbrush needs to be replaced every three to four months. It could be sooner if you notice that the bristles are already frayed or broken. A worn toothbrush wouldn’t be able to clean the teeth properly.

Daily flossing is also essential.

Kids with braces need to go for regular dental cleanings and checkups too.

Food to avoid when you have braces

Avoid hard and/or sticky snacks like popcorn, gum, hard candy, nuts, ice chips, caramel. These can be challenging to remove from braces. They may also cause brackets to pop off or the wires to snap or loosen. Damaging their braces will require a visit to their orthodontist and can lengthen their treatment period.

Corn on the cob needs to be shredded. Tell them to slice and cube apples instead of biting into whole ones. Do the same with other things they have to bite into. They need to cut food into small pieces and use their back teeth for chewing.

You will also want to limit your kid’s sugar and starch intake. These types of food leave behind debris that can turn into damaging acids and promote the formation of plaque.

No to white spots

Talk to you dentist about the fluoride varnish which can help minimize the appearance of white spots on teeth when the braces come off.

How to deal with the discomfort of braces

Braces can cause discomfort because they put pressure on the teeth. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help. Your child should also stick with soft foods soon after the orthodontists tightens the wires to lessen the discomfort.

Return to the orthodontist if a bracket is loose or a wire is poking your child’s mouth. If the braces are rubbing against the inside of your child’s mouth or gums, they can use orthodontic wax to cover the sharp spots.

If your child plays sports, let your orthodontist know. They will need a mouthguard for contact sports.

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