Dental Care for Your Children: A Guide

Children who start to experience proper dental treatment when they are very young are most likely to have a positive outlook toward dental care and favorable attitudes throughout their lives. You, as their parents, play a very important role in getting your children to start having a positive attitude toward proper dental care.

Because dental visits play an integral part of your child’s total health program, we approach this visit as a natural part of your concern for optimal health maintenance.  We truly care about your child’s total health It is really very important to promote good oral health. Entrusting us and our team as your child’s “Dental Home” will allow us to provide and implement preventive oral health measures that would keep your child free from oral diseases. This is what we can offer you best. As your dentist, we would like to focus on prevention, early detection and treatment of oral diseases, and we keep our practice with the latest advances in dentistry for your children. Pleasant visits to the dental office promote the establishment of trust and confidence in your child that will last a lifetime.

Here is a gentle reminder for your baby’s dental care during their first 2 years:

From Birth to 6 months of age
-Clean your baby’s mouth with gauze after feeding and before going to sleep
– Ask your pediatrician regarding fluoride supplements
-Make sure your baby doesn’t go to sleep with the baby bottle left on the mouth

From 6 to 1 year old
-First tooth will start to appear, time to see a pediatric dentist
-Begin brushing teeth every after feeding and before putting the baby to sleep at night with a soft bristled toothbrush using a NON-fluoridated toothpaste, call our office and we’d be happy to assist you with the brand of toothpaste. Early fluoride intake can lead to fluorosis which is the excessive intake of fluoride which can lead to tooth discoloration

1 to 2 years old
-Most of the primary teeth have erupted already.
-Continue using NON- fluoridated toothpaste.
-Follow your pediatric dentists recommended schedule for your baby’s exam and cleaning.

Try to also talk to your Dentist about dental sealants for your children. Usually sealants are considered preventive treatments where a plastic material is thinly placed on top of a caries free tooth. The material is a bonded on top of a sound tooth with no decay and provides as a protective barrier on the grooves, pits and fissures of the teeth. The first and second molars are recommended to be sealed to avoid formation of decay, plaque and barrier from any harmful substances. Sealants on the permanent molars are recommended as soon as it erupts at the age of 6.

We are pleased with the interest you are showing in your child’s dental health. Your child’s smile can last a lifetime, and here at BrightSmile Avenue Dental Clinic we provide a thorough and gentle dental care to your children. Please give us a call at (02)621-2556 any time and we will always look forward to providing you with answers.