Bridges and Dentures


Bridges are used when 1 or a few teeth are missing. They replace the missing tooth or teeth with false ones. A permanent or fixed bridge is cemented onto specially prepared teeth on either side of the space. Sometimes, though, a removable bridge can be used. A removable bridge clips to the teeth on both sides of the space. You can put a removable bridge in and take it out yourself.
Most of the time, a removable bridge has an acrylic base with metal clasps or a frame that is made of cast metal. Permanent or fixed bridges can be made from metal, ceramics, or a combination of the two. False teeth are mounted onto the base of a bridge to fill the space where the teeth are missing.


Full dentures (sometimes called false teeth) may be used to restore the smile when all natural teeth have been lost. The denture looks like a full set of teeth mounted on an acrylic base made to look like gums. Dentures can be held in place with implants or by a seal that forms between the denture base and the gums with saliva, along with the muscles of your cheeks and tongue. Sometimes adhesives (or denture creams) may be used to help hold the denture in place.