Have The Sweetest Smile With BrightSmile Ave.

When it comes to enjoying candy the only thing that should be broken is the wrapper; not your teeth.  Unfortunately, this was not the case for Otep. Otep is a little boy who resides in Quezon City with his mother.  He is an adorable kid with a personality that is as sweet as the candy he loves to eat.  However, things took a sour turn when he neglected to keep up with his daily oral care.  Since Otep did not brush and floss his teeth on a regular basis the high sugar content from the candies he consumed led him to have a whole mouth full of painful dental caries. 

When you eat foods, especially ones with a lot of sugar, the bacteria will turn that sugar into acid which causes the enamel of our teeth to soften.  Constant exposure and lack of proper oral hygiene can result in painful cavities and tooth decay.  At BrightSmile Avenue we know how important it is to have healthy teeth and smile fearlessly.  Our clinic is staffed with seasoned doctors who specialize in several areas of dentistry and annually train abroad in the pursuit of augmenting their skills.  When it comes to doctor-patient care it is integral for us to build good, long lasting relationships with our patients because we know how one traumatic experience can affect a lifetime of overall health maintenance.  


This practice can be seen with Otep’s visit to the clinic.  With a case as severe as his, our doctors want to ensure he can feel comfortable in our care so that he can leave his visit feeling encouraged to take better care of his teeth. Otep is not the first special case for our clinic to handle. Our dentists participate in annual Operation Smile relief events.  There they spend the week restoring hundreds of beautiful, young smiles to children with cleft lip and other dental conditions. 


 BSA firmly believes that everyone deserves to have their best smile.  In order to accomplish this, they ensure proper patient care with every visit.  Our dentists perform thorough consultations, educate patients on daily oral care, schedule only the necessary diagnostic tests, as well as securing patient follow ups.  Thanks to its wide reach of HMO affiliations BSA has proven to be one of the top dental clinic choices since 2021 for both public and private clients.  We would like to thank GMA 7 for extending their platform to us so that we can spread awareness on good dental habits and practices; allowing people to see that even the most severe cases can easily be prevented with simple daily care.




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