How Much is Wisdom Teeth Removal in the Philippines?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in the Philippines can range from P8,000 to P15,000 per tooth. When it’s an Impacted wisdom tooth it will cost between P12,000 – P18,000 per tooth. All 4 wisdom teeth removal typically cost around P40,000 – P72000. A single wisdom tooth extraction cost under General anesthesia or conscious sedation may vary from P15,000 – P25,000.

In the Philippines only a few insurance covers extraction of wisdom teeth.

The cost is determined by the complexity of the procedure. If the wisdom teeth are misaligned, in a different position or when the tooth is extracted later than the recommended age, the surgery will take longer.

When removing all four wisdom teeth – Some oral surgeons can lower the price when removing all the wisdom teeth at once. The possibility of saving the cost can go up to P5,000 and up for the entire procedure.

Additional costs may include the following:

Diagnostic costs:
Exam – A preliminary consult will always be performed first.
Digital X Ray – A panoramic radiograph or sometimes Dental CT Scan is required to determine the position and location or proximity of the tooth from the nerves are.
Treatment options – The cost includes local anesthesia, or any additional fees that may occur during emergency or after-hours appointment.
Aftercare – This would include a prescription, if necessary, and post-operative care like ice packs and dental gauze. Sometimes, a bone graft or PRP-PRF may be suggested as well for good healing.


How much does wisdom teeth removal cost under general anesthesia or conscious sedation?

Cost of wisdom teeth removal with general anesthesia or conscious sedation can vary from P15,000 – P25,000 not including use of operating room, anesthesiologis fee and other charges. On average, Cost for removing all 4 wisdom teeth with general anesthesia or conscious sedation is between P60,000 – P100,000.

Is extracting wisdom teeth worth it?

Removing your wisdom teeth may not be cheap but remember it shouldn’t be ignored. Ignoring the early signs of an impacted wisdom tooth or tooth pain can lead to expensive and more complicated treatment later on. An impacted wisdom tooth will never get better in time.

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