Invisalign for Teens: A Game Changer

Invisalign is often considered an orthodontic treatment primarily aimed at adults. Being able to adjust your teeth without the obviousness of wires and brackets is highly desirable for adults and public-facing professionals.


But Invisalign doesnt just have to be for adults. Teenagers are the biggest population of orthodontic patients  why should they miss out on the benefits of the system?


Invisalign For Teens


At BrightSmile Avenue, we happily offer Invisalign treatment to our teenaged orthodontic patients. Teens are just as self-conscious about the look of their teeth with braces as adults  if not more so.


It should be noted, however, that Invisalign isnt appropriate for all teens.


Firstly, Invisalign isnt ideal for every orthodontic case. Your child may simply have too complex a condition to treat with just Invisalign. 


Secondly, Invisalign requires user-compliance to work. They must be worn 18-20 hours a day to effectively move teeth as intended. The problem is, Invisalign is taken out to eat and clean your teeth. Many adults, let alone teenagers, forget or neglect to replace their Invisalign aligners back in their mouths afterwards, and so dont see results as quickly as they should.


Part of the assessment for Invisalign for teens at BrightSmile Avenue is making sure your child is going to put the aligners back in. Its important for both the child and the parents to be honest about whether they think theyll be compliant or not.


So long as the teens case can be treated by Invisalign, and they honestly believe theyll comply with their obligations, were happy to proceed.


Invisalign For Teens Process


Getting Invisalign, whether youre 13 or 30, follows the same process. 


First, well have a consultation and assessment to make sure youre the right candidate for Invisalign treatment.


Then, well get detailed 3D scans of your teeth. Sophisticated computer modelling programs will then simulate how your teeth will look before, during, and after treatment, so you can see the end result before you even begin!


Once the scans are completed and everything is approved, the aligners are made to order and treatment can begin.


Invisalign at BrightSmile Avenue


Does your teen need orthodontics, but is worried about the appearance of braces? Come talk to our friendly team at BrightSmile Avenue. Well go over all the options of Invisalign for teens with you, and work out a way to give your teen a healthy, straighter smile without the worry!




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