Memo: COVID-19 Protocols for the Staff
No: 2022-001-BGC

In response to the changing strains of the COVID-19 virus and known means of spreading, BrightSmile Avenue BGC will be implementing the following protocols to minimize the risk of infection at the clinic for both patients and staff, effective January 12, 2022:

  1. Clinic Sec, DA Head and Dental Assistants will be tested with the antigen tests 3 times a week – every Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays at 9:30am.

          Dentists will be tested with antigen tests every day they are in the clinic.

  1. Temperature and symptoms of all staff present for the day will be monitored daily before the start of the shift and will be reported to the clinic GC (BSA BGC staff).

         Tere (Clinic Secretary) will be responsible for taking and recording temperature and symptoms of all staff and dentists and will report to the clinic GC (BSA BGC staff).

         Cai (Dental Assistant Head) will be responsible for overseeing the swab tests for staff and dentists on duty for the day, and will report to GC. Cai and team will be responsible for making sure enough swab kits are available.

All reports must be submitted to the clinic GC before 10am daily.

Testing will be done in the reception. Only cleared staff can enter the sterile areas.

  1. Any staff will be asked to go home if:
    1. They are already exhibiting any known COVID-19 or flu symptom
    2. They tested positive in the antigen test even without symptoms

      Anyone who has exposure should follow quarantine/isolation rules.

  1. Any staff who tests positive in the antigen test will be asked to take the PCR test. Any staff who tests positive with COVID-19 with an RT-PCR test will be asked for a medical clearance or a negative RT-PCR test before they can resume duties.
  1. Continue safety protocols:
    • Full PPE for all patients. Ask patients to come 30 mins before schedule
    • Only one patient can wait in the reception area
    • Maximum of 5 patients for the day per dentist
    • Maximum of 3 staff in the treatment area (including dentist)
    • 30 mins cleaning after each patient
    • Wall-to-wall cleaning of all areas of the clinic at the end of the day with UV and cleaning agent, autoclave for handpieces