Questions to ask before choosing direct composite veneers

Are direct composite veneers the right choice for you? Read on and ask yourself these questions. 

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish you had a better smile? Direct composite veneers are the equivalent of a smile makeover.

Are your teeth chipped? Composite veneers can fix that.

Do you have stained teeth? Composite veneers can fix that.

Do you have gaps between your teeth? Composite veneers can fix that.

Are your teeth irregularly shaped? Composite veneers can fix that.

Does going to the dental clinic multiple times sound impossible? Direct composite veneers can be done in one visit. Yes, just one. Our dentists will sculpt thin laminate shells made of composite resin to cover the flaws of your teeth. Then, they will be cured with a high-intensity light and polished. It’s an instant smile makeover!

Do you want long-lasting effects from the treatment? Direct composite veneers usually last from 5 to 7 years.

Are you worried about reversibility? Composite veneers are a less invasive option to fix your teeth’s problems. Typically, they can be applied with just minimal prep work. That means that your teeth are not permanently altered. 

Is budget a concern? Composite veneers are a more affordable alternative to porcelain veneers.

Still unsure? Don’t worry, our dentists can guide you through the decision-making process.

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