Same-day smile makeover with composite veneers

Want to change your smile in an instant? Here’s your answer: composite veneers. 

With composite veneers, your dentist can give your teeth a total makeover in just one visit. 

In this procedure, your dentist will contour and shape composite resin to cover the flaws of your teeth. These thin laminate shells of composite resin can fix chipped teeth, stained teeth, misaligned teeth. They can even close gaps between teeth. They improve the color, shape and overall appearance of the teeth—resulting in a major improvement of your smile.

A high-intensity light will cure the resin. Your dentist will  continue to sculpt and add more layers of resin if necessary. When the sculpting stage is done, the resin will be polished to give it the appearance of natural teeth before being bonded to your teeth. 

One visit is all it takes because the veneers are sculpted directly onto your teeth and fabricated while you wait. There’s no work for an offsite lab to do. That means an instant smile makeover for you! 

One of the great things about composite veneers is they are less invasive than other options like porcelain veneers. Minimal prep work is done on your teeth, meaning they aren’t drastically altered in the process. They’re a more affordable alternative too. 

If you’re thinking of getting composite veneers, come and see us. Our dentists will be able to evaluate if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Patients with decay, active gum disease, weakened and severely malpositioned teeth might require other solutions. 

Composite veneers can last from five to seven years. That’s five to seven years of a great smile, all done on the same day.


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