Teeth whitening fact and fiction: Dr. Chrissie sets the record straight

BrightSmile Avenue’s Dr. Chrissie dispels myths about teeth whitening to give you a better way of understanding the best way to get that brighter smile.

Myth #1: Teeth whitening will damage your tooth enamel.

Wrong. At least not when done right. “This is why getting your teeth whitened by dental professionals is important,” said Dr. Chrissie. Misapplying at-home products can damage teeth. Trust your dentist—they know what they’re doing.

Myth #2: Teeth whitening toothpaste and mouthwash can do the job.

While they do have whitening chemicals, they aren’t strong enough for you to see the effect that you want. Two minutes of brushing will not produce the same result as a teeth whitening treatment that exposes your teeth to the whitening solution for at least 20 minutes.

Myth #3: At-home teeth whitening solutions work just as well.

Whitening gels that you can use at home do contain carbamide or hydrogen peroxide that can whiten teeth. But they come with the risk of incorrect application and overuse. DIY is good and fun but maybe not when it comes to your teeth. Professional teeth whitening is still the most effective and the safest way to whiten your teeth.

Myth #4: Whitening works on all your teeth, no matter their condition.

False. “Whitening gels only work on natural teeth. Veneers and crowns will need to be replaced so they can match your other teeth,” said Dr. Chrissie.

Myth #5: You cannot get your teeth whitened if you have sensitive teeth.

False. Having sensitive teeth doesn’t mean you are doomed to have stained teeth. Tell your dentist about sensitivity issues so he or she can make recommendations and adjust the treatment as needed to make you more comfortable.

Myth #6: Teeth whitening is painful.

It’s not. While you may experience some sensitivity during and immediately after the teeth whitening process, it doesn’t last. Your dentist will take steps to make sure that your teeth whitening treatment is as comfortable as possible. 

Myth #6: Teeth whitening will make your smile look unnatural.

Not at all. If Ross’ blacklight teeth in that episode of Friends scare you, remember that there are different degrees of teeth whitening. You and your dentist are in control of choosing the right shade which also depends on your teeth’s current status. Expect no comedic results.

Myth #7: The effects of teeth whitening will last forever.

“Sadly not,” said Dr. Chrissie. “Eventually, the effects of drinking coffee, red wine and tea as well as smoking will show on your teeth again. You will need to get your teeth whitened again.” But if you want the effects of your whitening treatment to last longer, be more conscious of the drinks that you choose or trying using a straw to avoid staining your front teeth.

Myth #8: Teeth whitening is too expensive.

The procedure cost will depend on how white you want to go. And if you want a great deal on teeth whitening, BrightSmile Avenue currently has a promo price of just P3999.

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