The Coffee Compromise: Should we stop drinking for whiter teeth?

Last October 1 was International Coffee Day and this coming Sunday, November 8, is the National Cappuccino Day for the US, two celebrations that underline everyone’s love for coffee. The long lines in the many coffee shops in Metro Manila are just one more evidence of our coffee-loving culture. However, coffee has such a bad rap as the cause of teeth staining and discoloration.

It’s not just coffee that stains the teeth. According to, there are several causes of teeth discoloration. Extrinsic causes include food and drinks that come in contact with our teeth, including smoking. Food such as apple, potatoes, berries and certain fruit and vegetables can also be culprits. Drinks other than coffee are tea, soda and wines. Sometimes, teeth stains are caused by factors intrinsic to our dental and physical health. Genetics and aging can also be a factor, as well as some medications.

Should we give up our beloved coffee and milk tea, then? Dr. Teejei Delos Reyes of BrightSmile Avenue and Asian Square Dental Clinics recommends a few options – with good dental hygiene at the heart of it. Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash daily helps avoid dental problems and minimize staining. Regular dental checkups every 6 months will ensure that the teeth, gums and mouth are healthy. Using straws when drinking colored beverages can minimize contact with the teeth and can help as well. Over-the-counter whitening products can also whiten over short periods of time.

If cutting back or quitting our favorite food and drinks is not an option, Doc Teejei recommends getting an in-office whitening treatment, or treatment done in the dental clinic. According to Doc Teejei, this is still the best way to get teeth whitened in as fast as 20 minutes. Regular touchups and in-home treatments can keep teeth white over time.

For more information on whitening products and treatments, call BrightSmile Avenue Dental Clinic in BGC and Banawe at 76212556, or Asian Square Dental Clinic in Makati at 82969239.


Credits: Photo by Elle Hughes


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