The Dentist Will See You Now. But Should You Go?

Happy New Year! The Dentist Will See You Now. But Should You Go?

The vaccines are here. The end of endless COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns seems in sight. As case numbers and hospitalizations around the world decrease, people are regaining their confidence to do more of the things they couldn’t during the early days of the pandemic. But while the dentist will see you now — should you go?

It’s easy to understand the apprehension about visiting the dentist. After all, social distancing is a bit tricky when you’ve got your hands in someone’s mouth.

But despite the uncertainty, the answer is clear:

Yes, you should still go to the dentist.

Dental practices have been at the forefront of pandemic control measures since the beginning. Many clinics completely shut down except for emergency cases specifically because of the high risk as infection. As our understanding of the disease grew and countermeasures increased, dentists started employing only the best safety measures out there.

Today, dental practices are very adept at handling COVID-19 control measures. Social distancing is in place where possible.

The dental team is wearing more PPE than ever to keep themselves — and you — safe. They’d already been wearing face masks; now it’s face masks and shields. Disposables are disposed of and recyclables are cleaned in hospital-grade sterilizing equipment.

New, state of the art hospital-grade air purification systems have been employed in just about every dental clinic on the planet.

Whether it’s a regular check and clean, a pain that needs to go away, or even just a tooth whitening procedure, you can rest easy knowing it’s OK to see the dentist. They’re ready to provide the quality care and services you expect — and do so as safely as possible. But if you are still hesitant to see us face to face we can still see you online. Visit our site at for virtual consults. 

as long as you are completely vaccinated and have not been exposed to Covid, our dentists can see you now.

You should probably go say hello.


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