Tricks for the treats: Staying Cavity-Free this Halloween

It’s the time of the year again – Halloween! We look forward to giving away treats to kids just as much as we would like to take some for ourselves. A few bites now and then should not be bad for the teeth, right?

According to research, it’s not the sweets that are bad for the teeth. It’s the bad bacteria that form dental plaque but these bacteria are attracted to sugar like magnet. Dental plaque then forms on the surface of the teeth and if not washed away by saliva or brushing, the environment inside the mouth becomes more acidic. Cavities may start to form at this point. Acids can easily dissolve tooth enamel and increase risks of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

Is there any trick to keep the cavities away?

It’s no trick – just good dental hygiene. In general, it’s always good to cut down on eating sweets and sugary food since sugar has been linked to a few other diseases. When we do indulge in sweets, dentists from BrightSmile Avenue suggests to drink water right away. This should help rinse out and dilute the sugar on the surface of the teeth.

Brushing at least twice a day, right after each meal, will surely help protect your teeth, especially when using toothpaste with fluoride. More importantly, visiting the dentist for a dental checkup is the best way to prevent dental problems before they become worse and keep our teeth healthy and cavity-free. Dr. Chrissie Capicoy, a senior dentist in BrightSmile Avenue Dental Clinic in BGC, advises her patients to visit every 6 months for a checkup and teeth cleaning.

If you’re due for a dental visit, call BrightSmile Avenue at 76212556 to set a schedule. BrightSmile Avenue has branches in BGC, Banawe and Makati.


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