What new protocols in response to Coronavirus, COVID-19 has BrightSmile Avenue taken to ensure our safety?

Many of our patients are asking themselves: “Is it safe to visit the dentist at this time due to Coronavirus?”

We have continued our unwavering commitment to adhere to existing Center for Disease Control (CDC) infection control guidelines and procedures, Philippine Dental Association(PDA) infection control guidelines and procedures. We have also done our research and have implemented new protocols in response to the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, as recommended by these agencies.

These are the following existing protocols for infection control we have been observing in our office for many years:

  • Before and after a patient is seen, our staff members completely sterilize every possible surface in the operatory with Bactericidal and Viricidal disinfectant spray.
  • New research from the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Disease Control has shown that the virus can remain stable for several hours to days on surfaces and in aerosols. We use the highest quality disinfectants which have been proven to be effective in killing the Coronavirus and preventing the transmission.
  • Every staff member always wears gloves, face masks, and eye protection during every appointment.
  • Despite a shortage of masks, we continue to change masks and gloves between patients or during patient treatment if the mask becomes wet, according to dental guidelines.
  • All instruments are cleaned, autoclaved, and sterilized after each patient is seen.
  • All biohazard materials including gauze and tissue are disposed of properly and safely.

In light of the current COVID 19 situation, BrightSmile Avenue and Asian Square Dental Clinics have instituted extra precautions and protocols:

✅ Heightened screening for potential COVID-19 patients. Online forms are sent a day before the appointment. 

✅ HEPA Air purifiers, Negative ion generators, and UV Lamps

✅ High Vacuum Evacuators and Aerosol Vacuums are used limit the spread of Aerosols

✅ Alcohol sprays and dispenser are made available to all patients.

✅ Full sets of PPE’s provided to both patient and clinical staff

✅ Increased intervals between appointments and patients to minimize cross-infection

✅ Povidone Iodine mouth rinse before dental procedures

✅ Rubber dam isolation with high-speed turbo oral aerosol vacuum suction hose

✅ Effective and strict disinfection measures

✅ We frequently clean and disinfect public areas, including door handles, chairs and bathrooms.




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