When’s the right time to screen my kids for their orthodontic needs?

Taking care of your children’s dental needs and teaching them about the importance of oral hygiene are among your many concerns as a parent. Each child’s mouth is unique. You’re probably wondering—would my kids need braces or aligners? When should you screen them for orthodontic needs? How young should they be?

First, it’s important that you begin your child’s dental journey early. They should begin going to the dentist at the age of 2.

But some kids need the help of an orthodontist too. They could have different issues like crooked teeth, overlapping or overcrowding of teeth or malocclusion. Genetics, accidents or bad habits like thumb-sucking can cause these issues.

Early evaluation

It is recommended that you bring them to an orthodontist for a checkup by the time they’re 7 years old, when the permanent teeth are coming in. Kids develop at different rates so early evaluation is crucial. You want to make sure that time is on your side.

But don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that your child will need or get braces at 7. At this stage, an orthodontist will be able to see if there are issues that are developing and be able to suggest a course of action. They can see if there’s improper tooth eruption patterns, potential for crowding, if there’s a lack of space, if they have crossbites, if there’s a discrepancy in the jaw growth and if there are improper habits developing. Problems with the growth of the jaw and emerging teeth can become more serious cases later on so spotting them early is important. Yes, there is such a thing as early intervention when it comes to orthodontics.

Early intervention often results in shorter treatment times. The orthodontic care your child will require will be simpler if problems are addressed early on. Early treatment is often less invasive and easier for everyone involved. Orthodontists can guide the growth of your child’s jaw and direct permanent teeth into the correct positions, lowering the risk of protruding front teeth.

Preparing your child

Talk to your child before the appointment so they know what to expect. You don’t want them to be afraid of the orthodontist (or dentist). Tell your child that their teeth and jaw will be examined and that they may be asked to bite down and swallow to check if there are any bite issues. X-rays or molds may also be taken.

Taking your child early to the orthodontist is an important step in giving your them the opportunity to have a healthy and beautiful smile

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